An Evaluation of the Turner Rebellion in the South

An Research of the Turner Rebellion in the South

The Silent Rebellion

On the morning of August 22, 1831, Nat Turner and his supporters rose in rebellion against the master category. The mob killed the relatives to whom Turner belonged and rampaged through Southampton eliminating almost sixty whites (Stampp 278). Why was this rebellion mostly of the organized tries to protest slavery? What avoided slaves from overthrowing their masters if they sometimes had over a hundred slaves to one master? The relative insufficient slave revolts in the antebellum south was as a result of lack of a rebellious impact, the mastersР’' continuous effort to help make the slaves submissive, and the effectiveness of the spouse and children. The slaves didn't accept their great deal in life, however, and they rebelled without needing violence.

This isn't to say that there were certainly not slave revolts. The earlier mentioned Turner rebellion had not been the primary uprising in the South. Several earlier conspiracies could have led to something much bigger than the Turner rebellion. The Gabriel Conspiracy in Henrico County, Virginia, involved over one thousand slaves. A march on Richmond was barely prevented when two slaves warned the city. Ten years later a lot more than 500 slaves in the St. John Baptist Parish, Louisiana, marched towards New Orleans armed with different homemade weapons. The planters plus some troops could actually stifle the uprising. Furthermore, in 1822, Denmark Vesey, a free of charge Negro, planned a conspiracy which hardly ever materialized after it had been given away by another slave. Even more revolts happened with the creation of the Republican Get together in the election years of 1856 and 1860. Among the last slave revolts happened in October, 1860, around Plymouth, North Carolina.


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