An Introduction to medical Education in British Columbia

An Introduction to medical Education in British Columbia


now our health and wellness education curriculum is passing up on important

aspects that condition how healthy and balanced we are, named the social determinants

of wellness. Understanding the sociable determinants of wellbeing is a

big part of wellness literacy and can help students brainstorm ideas

to becoming healthier residents. Education upon this subject in

our schools can significantly enhance the method our youth see health insurance and what

they can do to produce a healthy community.

Health education in British ColumbiaРІР‚в„ўs curriculum is performed through the Planning 10 course. This program targets the factors of healthy living, healthy interactions, and healthy decisions. When it involves the factors of healthier living, the good examples giving are exercise, nutrition, and stress administration. Far too often, wellbeing has been from the primary factors of the total amount physical activity we take part in, as well as areas of a healthy diet. In what techniques can our health and wellness education programs create awareness of the large number of dimensions of health? To ensure that youth to know very well what being healthy is really, there must be a larger emphasis put on daily factors that may affect oneРІР‚в„ўs wellbeing.

It has been proven that health-related ideals, attitudes, and behaviors created in adolescence can predict health risks in adulthood (Kenney & Moore, 2013). Eluded to before, was the theory that health is mostly linked to the preventable risk elements such as diet and exercise; but many reports argue that


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