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 Lg Gadgets Canada Inc. the Watch Phone Essay


After a successful launch from the LG Watch Phone in Europe, LG Electronics Canada, Inc. is preparing to introduce The Watch Cellphone to Canada. As an assistant advertising manager Let me aid in the advancement and execution of a internet marketing plan that blends with LG's fifty-one years of manufacturer equity while increasing business in gadgets. No various other watch telephone currently is out there in the Canadian market. The marketplace is saturated with cellphones and portable electronic devices that have 3G capability, a touch screen interface, Mp3 music player and video calling. LG need to entice buyers to switch off their handsets to the LG Enjoy Phone and generate sales from fresh markets. Prospective customers for this merchandise will be well-informed, youthful and upwardly portable: young Middle-agers (aged 45-49), Gen Xers (aged 30-44), and elderly Gen Yers (specifically, the ages of 25-29). These customers will make item, price and carrier strategy comparisons between higher-end handsets: Samsung Omnia; BlackBerry Tour; and Apple iPhone. My comprehensive marketing prepare, with a scheduled launch during Q4 2010, outlines this: Optimal focus on markets;

product modifications;

Skimming Price approach;

Efficient syndication channel assisting LG's new LTE technology A powerful promotional campaign. It is awaited that the LG Watch Mobile phone will be launched in Canada in on November 25, 2010. The promoting plan will discover a 15% increase in LG's consumer electronics sector by Q1 2011. KEY ASSUMPTIONS

• The 2008 monetary crisis recession did not severely influence overall performance in the consumer electronics industry. We are right now at the end of Q3 2009. Economic recovery is gradual with downwards pressure about prices since consumers look for better value for their money.

• The majority of progress in the electronic devices industry was attributed to the portable sector of the market characterized by product miniaturization and technological concurrence.

• The new manufacturer identity linked to LG is definitely " Fashionable design and smart technology in products that fit our customer's lives”, in addition to the company slogan. ”Life can be good”. These kinds of marketing text messages had been very successful in assisting Korean firm expand through North America.

• The Watch Cellphone was a wearable phone full of all the features, including G capabilities, an impression screen software, an MP3 player and video calling. LG released The Watch Phone in The european union in August 2009 and then proceed to find ways to to grow the device's market to Canadian market.

• LG's hq is located in Seoul, South Korea. North & South Korea share a border and North Korea is a dictatorship, that has a tendency to act within an unpredictable way, which can produce international stress and financial disruption whenever you want.


Quick Issues

Analyze the product's competition. No other watch phones currently exist on the market. LG needs to attract consumers to switch from their mobile phones to the LG Watch Cellphone as well as to entice new market segments. Leading handsets that compare with LG will be Samsung Omnia, BlackBerry Head to and Apple iPhone. Nokia and Motorola clients are not inside the same target audience as the LG Enjoy Phone. These to are economical and more of the commodity item. The The samsung company Omnia, Cell phone Tour and Apple iPhone would be the closest competitors to the LG Watch Cellphone, however , only the BlackBerry Travel and Iphone offer the new GSM technology with good brand value. Another account is the inescapable competition from China. China can produce knock-off goods quickly and in great volumes at lowered prices. It really is projected the LG Observe Phone may have exclusivity in the market place for any maximum of half a year.

• Establish the product's buyers. Potential customers will be: between the age ranges of twenty-five and 49; possess middle to substantial incomes; always be well educated pros and stay-at-home parents; technical...