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 Mu 2 . 8 Help the Support with the Positive Environments for Children and Young People Article

Mu 2 . 8 contribute to the support of the positive environments for children and teenagers 1 . two

An positive ecologically has requirements. The early years foundation level requires every prodivers to hold some drafted records elizabeth. x a recored of medicines used to children and a record of complaints received from parents and their outcomes. This is to hold the child secure and let the professors know how to impove the ecologically. Most school are vist by Ofsted once a year to check if th will be meeting the legal health and safet reuirements are in position. Ofsted nationwide standarads included: - smoke cigars alarms and emergency tools available that is ready to make use of. - Tempreture at the correct degrees -all areas well lit -Plugs covered. Mu 2 . almost eight contribute to the support of the confident environments for the children and teenagers 3. 4

Quiet time gives the child a chance to decrease all their stress levels and give these people a chance to calm down. While physical Acitivities allows the child to strenght all their mucles and heart. Its importance intended for the child to have a balance among these two so they will receive both of the physical and mental a result of them. Relax and Quiet time focuses on the well being from the mental and emotion level. The child sets give them time for you to think and rest their very own mucles while Physical acitivities focuses on the physical as in streghting and weight in the child. It will help to develop the communication abilities that helps the child with their future. It teachies the child the right way to work as a great team as well as the importance of work out. Rest and Quiet time gives the child the information of how to calm themselfs down and the right feeling of how to leave their thoughts out. It can help them to control their inhaling and exhaling and thoughs. Mu 2 . 8 help the support of the positive environments for children and young people 5. 1

An balanced deit contains an equilibrium of all five food organizations: grains, fruit and vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats (ormeant alternatives). Child will need an equilibrium of meals and chemical to develop...