Mustika Ratu Circumstance Summary Week 2

 Mustika Ratu Case Summary Week 2 Essay

п»їMustika Ratu Case Summary

Mustika Ratu's Background

In 1978, the organization was included (with just 10 employees). In 95, Mustika Ratu capitalized on their success and went public, issuing 107, 000, 500 shares, costing Rp a couple of, 600 in theirinitial open public offering (IPO), to become listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) within the symblol ‘MRAT'.

Mustika Ratu's Marketing Strategy

Over the 1980s, the organization expanded the line traditional cosmetics (facial care & decorative make-up, hair and body care product) and the established itself because the easy market leader – simply by 1998, four out of every 12 cosmetic products bought from Indonesia had been Mustika Ratu brands. Positioned as competitively priced, quality products created specifically for Indonesian skin. Organization literature sturdy that its products were organic and built-in timeless Indonesian beliefs with the health and magnificence properties of local plants and herbs. Mustika Ratu's Jamus become a huge hit to several marketplace segments. Portion: Men, ladies, adults, and teenagers.

Concentrate on: Predominantly middle- to upper-middle-income cunsumers. Placement: Products had been natural and integrated timeless Indonesian morals of the health and beauty houses of local plants and herbs.

Condition of competition inside the jamu segment was getting fierce over the following following years. Many highway stalls providing jamus to cure head aches, boost sexual drive in order to reduce pounds were common. These jamus were targeted at the middle- to lower-income market portion. So , Mustika Ratu likewise competed in these market sections with their flank brand " Jagaraga Jamus”. According to the company's 1997 gross annual report, this line " contributed to overall profitability and had great possibility of future development. ” Show below are Mustika Ratu's product differentiation depending on market portion. Each portion has every single marketing strategy that suitable to applied to their very own market.

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