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ITC's E-Choupal: A Mirage in the


E-Choupal is a new initiative of ITC

Limited (ITC), a great Indian conglomerate,

to improve its marketing funnel in

culture. It has it is roots in Project

Symphony – a pilot job launched in

1999 to organise ITC's agri organization. The

business structure was designed to

support farmers, intermediaries in

the traditional model and the company

through information technology. The key

objective of e-Choupal can be dissemination and

disintermediation of price information. EChoupal handles various items – give food to ingredients, foodstuff grains, edible nuts,

prepared fruits and marine goods. It

has extended the basket to horticulture and

spices. Since 2007, e-Choupal operates in

the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh,

Haryana, Uttaranchal, Karnataka, Andhra

Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra,

Kerala and Rajasthan. By 2012, ITC offers

planned to expand the project to 15 states

in India achieving 100, 000 villages. ITC

has released Choupal Sagar, a multi-purpose retail outlet inside the rural areas with plans to open seven hundred such countryside malls simply by 2012.

ITC-IBD has initiated a new store format

Choupal Fresh Cash & Hold Stores intended for

retailing fresh fruits and vegetables across

major Indian urban centers. ITC provides piloted a

project which has a three-part combo module

to control the entire benefit chain. It really is

harnessing the technology program for

improvement. The biggest check for ITC is

the aggressive scaling up of it is operations

to successfully reach its eye-sight.

Pedagogical Aims

• To comprehend the framework of the eChoupal network

• To discuss the huge benefits derived out of

the e-Choupal network

• To go over the future of the e-Choupal

in terms of scalability.


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Responsibility; ITC Limited; Farmers;

India; Rural elektronische geschaftsabwicklung; Internet Kiosks;

Value Chain Intermediaries; Choupal Sagar;

Advancement Management Circumstance Studies;

Choupal Fresh; Non-urban Empowerment;

Business Model; Supply String Management

Will certainly Harry Potter's Magic Improve

Universal Broadcasters Theme Leisure areas?

Universal Leisure areas and Places, a trademark

Universal Broadcasters Inc., one of the main


American galleries declared in-may 2007

it had received the legal rights for

having a theme park based on the

extremely successful persona of the

well-known culture Harry Potter in US, UK

and all around the world. Walt Disney parks

and resorts have tried to get the rights

pertaining to Harry Knitter theme park yet failed to

hit a deal together with the creator of the Harry

Potter character, J. K. Rowling. Universal

and Disney have been competing inside the

entertainment sector for many years, and

Walt Disney had been an innovator in idea

parks. Nevertheless a tough rival to

Disney in large theme recreational areas segment;

emulating Disney's tactics, Universal

was facing decrease in the number of

attendants to its idea parks since 2004.

With the announcement of a Harry Potter

amusement park planned to get ready simply by 2009,

skillfully developed anticipated Universal to

gain a momentum over Disney. It continues to be

to be seen just how Universal would leverage

around the successful model of Harry Knitter to

defeat Disney inside the theme park portion.

Pedagogical Targets

• To understand the strategies of Walt

Disney company

• To evaluate how Disney used

promoting and cross-promotion to

achieve success in theme parks

• To discuss the competition between

General and Disney

• To analyse the huge success in the " Harry

Potter” phenomenon

• To go over the challenges lying in advance for

General that takes on the " Harry

Potter” brand even more

• To debate the potential strategies to become

used by General as against Disney's.