Old Age and Lisa

 Old Age and Lisa Essay


Q.: Evaluate Lisa Aham's current strategy relating to senior citizens. Does this strategy boost this McDonald's image? What should the lady do about the senioor citizen industry – that is, should your woman encourage, disregard, or suppress her aged people? What will need to she do about the bingo idea? Explain.

McDonald's " Seniors” Retaurant

Lisa Aham is manager of a McDonald's restaurant in a city with many " elderly people. ” She has noticed that a lot of senior citizens are becoming not just standard patrons – but people who arrive for breakfast and stay on till about three or more PM. Several older consumers were attracted initially with a monthly lunch break special for individuals aged fifty five and more mature. The meals costs $1. 99, and refills of coffee are free. Every 4th Monday, among 100 and 150 seniors jam Lisa's McDonald's intended for the special offer. But now nearly as many of them are coming every day – turning the fast-food restaurant to a meeting place. They take hours having a cup of coffee, communicating with friends. On most days, up to 100 will remain from one to four hours.

Lisa's staff have been extremely friendly to the seniors, dialling them by their first titles and going to with these people each day. Actually Lisa's McDonald's is a completely happy place – with her employees growing close interactions with the older persons. Some staff have also visited consumers who have been hospitalized. " You know, ” Lisa says, " I really get attached to the customers. They're like my family. I really care about these people. ” They are all " friends” and staying friendly with all the customers is known as a part of McDonald's corporate beliefs.

These more mature customers are an orderly group – and incredibly friendly to anyone who is available in. Further, they are really neater than most customers, and carefully cleanup their dining tables when they keep. Nevertheless, Lisa is beginning wonder if anything should be done about her developing " nonfast-food” clientele. There isn't a crowding problem yet, during the time when the elderly people like to arrive. But if the size...