Paradox of Affluence and Maslow

 Essay on Paradox of Affluence and Maslow

Paradoxon of Wealth and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


I believe that whenever researchers the paradox of affluence, sevylor means to ask, " Does financial development increase the human whole lot? ” The solution is an obvious no . American's have become totally consumed in materialistic things. The reason is , of how very much our prosperity has increased and so that makes our purchasing of consumer products rise. As well as the effects that growing wealth has on each of our happiness, mental health, and overall lifestyle satisfaction. Simply 30% of american citizens say they are happy according to national research, depression reveals the most dramatic increase, and there is more experiencing mental disorders and emotional distress because the increase in wealth. The research on happiness and wealth connect with Maslow's pecking order of demands because in the hierarchy this individual answers problem of how to accomplish happiness. In respect to his hierarchy, to feel completely happy you need to be in a positive state of mind or feeling that is seen as satisfaction or pleasure and he shows that in order to be capable of experience those positive thoughts, one need to first fulfill needs. His triangle contains nothing but five levels of requires. Wealth relates to Maslow's structure of requirements as well since having money to support yourself, your family, acquire food, and also have a place to live, is part of the needs. In the second gain levels on the triangle of needs is security needs, which in turn defines a person's need to have security, especially monetarily. However , there are three even more levels previously mentioned security requirements and non-e of them say anything about getting wealthy, or perhaps being able to purchase tons of costly products to be happy.