V. V. In Computer Research laboratory: Class some & a few Outline

 V. V. N Computer system Lab: Category 4  5 Outline Essay

Versus. V. In Computer Lab: Class some & your five Outline

School Description: This is actually the first class somebody should take if they happen to be just getting started or are needing a refresher class. Your class will provide learners with the abilities needed to use the new computers and get their data on the network. The skills discovered in this course are required to participate in almost all of the other classes.

1) Basic computer elements.

a) Central Processing Unit (CPU)

i) Power key

ii) Shutdown / Hard shutdown

b) Monitor

i) Power switch & setting

c) Keyboard

i) Regions of Keyboard

ii) Typing

d) Drives

i) Hard drive


e) Appear

2) Network System

a) Logging out and in

b) Hard drive space

3) Computer Operation

a) Mouse button Operation

i) Double click

ii) Drag and drop

iii) Right click

b) Personal pc Features

i) Icons

ii) Taskbar

iii) Start Key

iv) Bin

v) Shortcuts

vi) My Computer

1) Drives

a) " H” drive

b) Public travel

c) Using floppy drive/Zip Drive

d) Using COMPACT DISK drive

4) Working with a credit card applicatoin - Expression

a) Build a new doc

b) Expose basic features

i) Menu Bar

ii) Toolbars

1) Adding, eliminating, moving

c) Minimize and Maximize windows

i) Going into text

ii) Returns/enters

iii) Basic format

1) Size Font Strong Underline Rationalize

d) Conserve as

e) Going between files

f) Office helper

g) Shutting the application

5) Organizing the hard drive

a) Defragmenting

b) Disk Cleanup

c) Creating folders

i) My personal Computer/My Docs

ii) Folders inside of files

d) Moving folders

e) Changing document names

f) Deleting files and documents

6) Fundamental Troubleshooting

a) Mouse, screen and pushes

b) Wires

c) Electricity

d) Storage

7) Intro Programs (short show and tell)

a) PowerPoint

b) Excel